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9 Shows to Get You in the Mood For Spring

9 Shows to Get You in the Mood For Spring
April 15, 2021

Music in bloom! Welcome the Spring showers and flowers with eleven past Sofar shows that feel as bright as the budding season.

Soft Streak - Ride | Sofar Los Angeles

Soft Streak is an indie soft pop duo formed by Tori Schachne and Colton Toy. The two met in a mandatory jazz ensemble in college and have been making sweet music together ever since.

Colin Weeks - Island Double | Sofar Vancouver

Escape to a sweet backyard set from indie artist Colin Weeks, who breathes warmth and soul into simple, laid-back pop songs.

Rue Brown - Sugar Baby/Make Me Smile | Sofar NYC

Rue Brown is a multifaceted singer, with a strong background in dance and musical theater. Her music is a blend of hip hop, pop, soul and charisma.

Teon Gibbs - Sweet | Sofar Vancouver

An artist looking to repurpose hip hop with as much gospel and soul influence.

Little Pony - Voodoo we do | Sofar Naples

Little Pony's music bends the American standards, winding through blues, jazz, funk, through the punkish street musician approach of this sax, bass, and drum trio. Experimenting outside of any era or trend, Little Pony is able to evoke many different styles and influences that bend into the twisted blues of groups like Morphine, Soul Coughing, and the Violent Femmes.

Easy Wanderlings - LIVE | Sofar Mumbai

Easy Wanderlings is a musical journal of their cherished memories, about soulful conversations, escapades into the majestic wilderness, and the feelings felt when spending quiet evenings at home.

Crying Day Care Choir - What A Day | Sofar Naples

Combine the intimacy of a close-knit family band with bittersweet songwriting and warm harmonies, and you have Crying Day Care Choir (and probably some goosebumps).

Tainá - Sonhos | Sofar Lisbon

Meet a passionate performer from Portugal, Tainá, who brings soft and sweeping melodies to life with lovely vocals and incredible storytelling.

The Anirudh Varma Collective - Megh | Sofar Delhi NCR

This contemporary Indian Classical Ensemble from New Delhi, India is led by Delhi based pianist, Anirudh Varma. The collective comprises of over 100 musicians and artists who brought a garden show to life in Sofar Dehli.