9 LGBTQ+ Artists Changing the Music Industry

9 LGBTQ+ Artists Changing the Music Industry
Video Round-upJune 26, 2020

As we wrap up Pride month and prepare to bring our allyship and support with us into the rest of the year, we wanted to give a nod to some of the talented LGBTQ+ artists who are changing the music industry for the better. Watch them, stream them, and meet more groundbreaking LGBTQ+ artists in the Sofar listening room.

Tegan and Sara

These award-winning twin sisters have an upbeat sound and unrelenting lyrical talent.Tegan and Sara have openly identified as queer since the beginning of their career in 1998 and have been outspoken feminist advocates for LGBTQ equality and gender justice.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is one of the most celebrated and critically acclaimed artists of this era, and his highly anticipated albums have changed the game of modern music.

Tyler the Creator

This rapper and producer has grown into a legendary career with hit albums, stunning live performances, and impressive artistry. 

Janelle Monae

A singer and producer who brings retro funk to R&B with pop flare and so much style. 

Shea Diamond

Influenced by Whitney Houston and Tina Turner, this artist and human rights activist boasts powerful vocals and feel-good dance anthems.


An American alt hip hop boy band with a diverse, 15-strong crew or talented artists.

Hayley Kiyoko

This pop queen is leading the way for boundary-breaking modern pop. Brb, playing “Girls like Girls” on repeat.

Troye Sivan

With an important artistic voice, a loyal fan base, and talent to spare, this pop star is seemingly unstoppable. 

Adam Lambert

This American Idol veteran has a voice that never stops, and his journey since the reality show has been nothing short of brilliant.

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Header image is of Tyler the Creator performing his show, Igor.

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