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 9 Benefits of Private Live Online Virtual Concerts for Your Remote Team

 9 Benefits of Private Live Online Virtual Concerts for Your Remote Team
Private ConcertsOctober 30, 2020

Private virtual concerts are a new and exciting virtual event bringing teams together, no matter where they are, to listen to incredible live performances from independent artists around the world. From advertising, media and PR agencies to law firms and tech startups to consulting firms, we've brought the magic of live music to a variety of teams and communities.

If you’re wondering if a virtual concert is the right choice for your next team event, don’t miss this list of the top 9 benefits of online concerts.

1. Boost Team Morale

There’s nothing quite like live music. Experiencing a live, curated show with your team is a fantastic opportunity to foster connection. Music is proven to boost endorphins and relax the listener, leaving your team feeling refreshed and inspired. And, in these strange and stressful times, giving people something to look forward to has never been more important.

2. Interact with the Artists

These shows will give your team the opportunity to interact with the artists like they never have before. With an engaging and experienced MC hosting the event, your team has the chance to hear the artists’ stories and ask any questions. Plus, if you let us know beforehand any special or important details, like a birthday and anniversary, we can let the artists and the MC know and weave it into the show.

3. Increase Motivation

A live virtual concert will give your team a much-needed break from reality and escape into a world of soothing melodies or lively tunes. Whether you’ve booked a midday, afternoon, evening or nighttime event, we guarantee the mood of your employees will be elevated the next time they head back to work.

4. Available Globally

To enjoy a live virtual concert, all you need is a laptop (or a smartphone). This means that no matter where your team members are in the world right now, they can still jump on and be involved in an exciting and engaging event -- with either local or global representation in the artist lineup. It’s never been easier to organize a unique and compelling global event for your team.

5. Prevents Loneliness

As most of us are currently working remotely, we all know the work-from-home loneliness is all too real. Bringing the team together to enjoy live music from amazingly talented artists will help to curb that loneliness and give co-workers a chance to build relationships by talking about non-work things for a change.

6. Versatility

These virtual concerts are extremely versatile and can be fully customized to match your wants and needs. You set the vibe of the event, you choose the genre your team will enjoy most, and you pick the perfect time and let us know your budget. Then let us do the rest! We’ll create the perfect show with a diverse lineup for you and your team.

7. Encourages Creativity

If you work in a creative industry, or just want to break up the monotony of day-to-day tasks, a live virtual concert will certainly do the trick! With the music flowing and the conversation churning, people are much more likely to come away feeling cared for, creative, and full of ideas!

8. It's a family affair!

Private virtual concerts are open to all ages, and fun for everyone. Invite the kids to watch the show, meet the artists, and be a part of the big night!

9. It’s Fun!

Most importantly, private virtual concerts are just plain fun! Instead of the same-old Zoom quizzes or virtual get-togethers, an online concert allows everyone to just sit back and enjoy the show. They can interact with the artists afterwards if they wish, or just listen if they’d prefer. It’s a no-pressure, hassle-free event that has proven be a huge hit!

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