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7 Ways To Jazz Up Your Zoom Calls

7 Ways To Jazz Up Your Zoom Calls
June 9, 2021

Have you been feeling as if your Zoom calls are falling flat lately? Are you looking for ways to engage your team members and make meeting times feel less… groundhog day? With the help of our experienced and talented MCs, we’re here to share everything we’ve learned about virtual engagement from hosting over two hundred Private Virtual Concerts.

Make eye contact

When you’re speaking, look directly into the camera when you can! It’s weird enough we are speaking to each other through machines, eye contact brings some normalcy and keeps people engaged.

Lead with a story

Let’s be real, we never walked into conference rooms and silently waited for a manager to begin or for everyone to take their seats. We talked, chatted, and caught up with each other. Every Zoom meeting should be the same. Start yours with a story about your weekend, the project you’re working on, or what you’ve been up to outside of work. Or, get the ball rolling with some authentic conversation starters. How was everyone’s weekend? Is that a new haircut? What music have you been listening to? Start the meeting with good energy, and you’ll get good results.

Don’t forget to pause

Build in breaks in your speech. Allow others an easy moment to respond or chime in as we don’t have the traditional in-person cues of conversation that let us know when we can talk and when we will be talking over.

Get the chat lit!

A lively chat will only add and never detract. This keeps the energy up and offers another way to engage without speaking. If you’re the speaker, keep an eye on it if you can and call out jokes or peoples’ responses by name. It’s just AIM attached to a video call!

Theme your regular meetings

At this point, we know the background of our coworkers’ home offices like the back of our hand. For your next regularly scheduled team meeting, assign a theme for Zoom backgrounds to mix up both your virtual environments and your conversation starters.

Schedule watercooler catch-ups

Company culture is elusive but not impossible in a virtual workplace. Showing employees you care about them as much as you care about their productivity is vital to making team members feel valued and motivated. Schedule a watercooler catchup to stay up to date on the lives, concerns, and progress of your employees. They can be short and sweet, or implemented impromptu when a meeting finishes early.

Kick it off with a Private Virtual Concert!

Online shows are a proven way to engage employees and add excitement to the virtual workplace. Schedule one today to present quarterly goals, kick off DEI initiatives, present promotions, or to simply mix things up in your everyday schedule. Not sure yet? Watch the video below to learn more.