7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Quarantined Valentine's Day

7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Quarantined Valentine's Day
February 10, 2021

Quarantine has a talent for making routines feel like ruts. Our everyday lives have started to look more and more the same, and our date nights are often no different (oops). But don’t sweat it — we’re here to help you bring some spark back to date night! Put on one of the most romantic albums of all-time, play a Sofar show from a local artist you miss, and put these seven tips to the test!

1. Change up the scenery

While we can’t leave our homes for date night quite yet, we can make it look a little different than our other nights at home. Whether that means giving your living room a quick clean, rearranging your furniture, or setting up a backyard picnic is up to you!

2. Add something new to the mix

Could be flowers, a new plant, or a special food you’ve been wanting to try. Anything that hasn’t been quarantined in your house with you for the past eleven months will help add some variety to the night.

3. Set the mood with a nostalgic throwback

You know the albums that were basically the soundtrack to your first few months together? The ones you played on your first road trip or the first time you cooked for each other? Start the night with the songs and records that bring back the butterflies and remind each other of that oh-shoot-we’re-falling-in-love feeling.

4. Ball out (as much as you can)

We’re all trying to save as much as possible right now (keyword: trying), but splurging a little means you can help make date night feel a little different than all the other nights spent at home. Upgrade from the $9.99 bottle of Pinot Noir to the $15.99 bottle, add an extra appetizer to the takeout order, or better yet, try something totally new!

5. Dress up (but stay cozy)

We all have some dresses or button-down shirts hanging neglected in our closets. Break them out for the occasion and remind your partner (and yourself) just how well you clean up.

6. Make space for conversation

If you’ve been quarantined with a significant other, it may feel like you've been talking to them constantly. But sometimes those conversations don’t quite pass the mundane threshold of what you’re eating for dinner, what’s the latest COVID-19 update, or some weird habit your pet picked up. When planning a date night, make space for more in-depth conversations, or even write down things you haven’t talked about in a while. (Some conversation starters: the best shows you saw together, the first time you met, stories about the friends you miss hanging out with).

7. Toast to yourselves

There’s no way around it — quarantine is hard. If you’ve made it this far together, struggles and all, you deserve to raise your glasses and salute your commitment to each other.

Grab your partner (with consent!), follow this list, and take a peek at some romantic Sofar shows for a special date night with the one you love.

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