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5 Ways to Support Independent Artists

5 Ways to Support Independent Artists
March 25, 2021

Independent artists now make up more than 40% of the global industry. As the internet has made it easier to share music, grow audiences, and continue music education, the industry has bloomed with artists. However not all independent artists are completely “unsigned.” Some of them hire management or sign with smaller labels, while sourcing out other parts of the industry work they need to contractors, and many more do all the work themselves. (TL;DR: You can be an independent musician with a label and without a label.)

Music fans who are looking to boost up rising artists and support the future of music can start with these simple five steps:

1. Engage their online presence.

Follow, like, comment, and save and share posts on social media to help boost your favorite artists’ online engagement. The algorithm struggle is real, especially for artists who don’t have a team of professionals guiding their marketing strategy. Let them know they’re not just posting in the void but to real-life fans.

2. Play their music!

If streaming is your thing, add them to your popular playlists. If you want to go further you can buy vinyl and merch directly from the artist's websites, online stores or check out some of the amazing offers on Bandcamp.

3. Shout them from the rooftops!

As die-hard music fans, we know that nothing beats discovering a new favorite artist on the recommendation of someone you trust. If you’re digging someone’s new album, take a minute to send it to three people you know.

4. Attend their shows and livestreams.

We know the Sofar community is eagerly awaiting the day we can buy concert tickets to our hearts’ content. Until then, make sure to attend some livestream shows in the listening room and elsewhere. Because we all know live music matters.

5. Support their Patreons and crowdfunding campaigns.

Money goes a lonnnggg way in the music industry. From funding the production cost of a new album and paying for tour transportation and meals, to simply paying artists for making good work — money matters.

Looking for more ways to support independent artists?! Check out the Sofar Sounds Global Artist Fund to learn more about making a tax deductible donation to artists around the world. Read up on our Private Virtual Concerts to see if they’re a good fit for your company or organization. And, as always, find independent artists performing live, stripped down sets every week in the listening room.