17 Sofar Shows to Watch While Pride Parades Are Canceled

17 Sofar Shows to Watch While Pride Parades Are Canceled
Video Round-upJune 22, 2020

This year, Pride comes with even more reminders of the long journey that got us where we are today. It’s far from over, but it’s always worth celebrating. Even as IRL shows and parades are on pause, our support of the LGBTQ+ community is stronger than ever. Join us for a week of Pride shows in the Sofar listening room, with performances from LGBTQ+ identifying artists from around the world. But first, celebrate the joy and talent of Pride with these 17 stunning Sofar performances!

Witch Prophet - Manifest | Sofar Toronto

VINCINT - Remember Me | Sofar Los Angeles

Tonye Aganaba - Black Swan (Thom Yorke Cover) | Sofar Vancouver

Oompa - Thank You | Sofar Boston

Miette Hope - Got It Right | Sofar NYC

Black Assets - Why | Sofar Baltimore

Roy Kinsey - Mississippi Mud | Sofar Chicago

Mother Nature - Get High | Sofar Chicago

Devours - Garnet Graves | Sofar Vancouver

Desirée Dawson - Waking Up | Sofar Vancouver

Rae Spoon - Try again at everything | Sofar Vancouver

Wallgrin - River Valley | Sofar Vancouver

Liniker e os Caramelows - Tua | Sofar São Paulo - GIVE A HOME 2017

Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Hide | Sofar London

Brendan Maclean - Stupid | Sofar Sydney

Allison Weiss - Who We Are | Sofar Omaha

Thair - Thotty Dysmorphia | Sofar Chicago

Turn up the volume, bring on the joy, and join us in celebrating the LGBTQ+ community with artists from around the world!

Header photo of Rainbow Kitten Surprise at Sofar London by Ben Sykes

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