13 Questions With Jordan Hawkins on Tour

13 Questions With Jordan Hawkins on Tour
ArtistsMarch 11, 2020

Raised on the Southern gospel of North Carolina and equipped with musical talent that crosses instruments, vocal ranges, and social boundaries, Jordan Hawkins is a force to be reckoned with (and added to your playlists ASAP). His soulful sound will get you through good times, bad times, and plenty of road trips. Learn more about the 17-time Sofar alum below and mark your calendars with the dates of his upcoming mini Sofar tour!

March 11 | Los Angeles

March 13 | San Diego

March 14 | Phoenix

First CD, tape or record you bought?

   Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same

If you could only hear one album on repeat the rest of your life, it’d be...

   Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE 

Who was your first concert?

    Travis Scott 

What’s the concert you’ll be thinking about when you’re 85 years old?

    Coachella 2019

If you get to the end of your life without seeing _____ you’ll have a lifetime of regrets...

   John Mayer 

What artist made you really aware of your love for music?

   Jimi Hendrix 

The music taste or artist you inherited from your parents?

 Charlie Wilson, Beyoncé, Drake, OutKast, John P. Kee

How does your childhood or the place you grew up affect your music taste?

Lots of gospel influence. I grew up singing and playing gospel music in the church. I started with piano and eventually evolved to guitar. 

Dream artist to see perform at a Sofar?

Andre 3000

Go-to happy pump up music when you're feeling down?

My new music, haha. Can't wait for the world to hear it. 

The song you want to air over the opening credits of the movie about your life?

My song “Thankful” 

The moment that made you realize how important music is in your life?

Moving to LA. It’s been a super eye-opening experience for me. 

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with? 


Find Jordan serenading audiences up and down the West Coast. Can't make it to one of these dates? Check out his brand new video for his new song "Thankful" and find a Sofar show near you to meet more amazing artists like Jordan Hawkins!

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