Warm Up With These 11 Sofar Shows

Warm Up With These 11 Sofar Shows
Video Round-upNovember 12, 2020

It’s that time of year where it feels hard to stay warm, inside and out. Take twenty minutes out of your day to regroup and re-energize with these 11 bright and sunny shows from around the world. With feel-good melodies, sunny venues, and inspiring independent artists, you can’t go wrong.

Marion Harper - If I saw you again | Sofar Madrid

This artist has transcended from young folk melodies to sweeping electronic ballads. Catch this bright, moving performance from Madrid for everything your heart needs right now.

Charlotte Fever - LIVE | Sofar Paris

With French pop, marimbas, and synths, Charlotte Fever challenges the gloomy Parisian climate with their blistering songs. Don’t miss this upbeat show from a sunny beach in Portugal!

Oktoba - Barcelona | Sofar Chicago

This alt-folk singer-songwriter brought emotion and honesty to this summertime show in Chicago. Warm your soul to his feel-good lyrics!

MAVICA - LIVE | Sofar Murcia

Escape to a Spanish oasis with this gorgeous performance from Mavica, a rising artist with intoxicating pop songs that hit straight to the heart. Like the soft moody vibes from Phoebe Bridgers and Faye Webster? This performance is for you. 

Idesia - Me and Mr. Jones (Amy Winehouse Cover) | Sofar San Diego

Grab your beverage of choice and meet us in this sunny backyard for raspy rich vocals and sweet Amy Winehouse covers.

Noa Sainz - LIVE | Sofar Mexico City

Meet contemporary Mexican pop and R&B singer, Noa Sainz. Like the smooth sounds of CZA? You’ll love Noa’s soulful performance.

Iskandar Widjaja - LIVE | Sofar Berlin

This talented multi-instrumentalist fuses sounds from around the world with elegant and powerful melodies. His listening room blew us away, from the emotional musicality to the stunning background.

Boyish - LIVE | Sofar Boston

Boyish was created after feeling the need to start over, graduating from college, and having no idea what is going on. Feel all your feels in this sunny park performance!

Kate Yeager - LIVE | Sofar NYC

We’re pretty sure it’s impossible to watch this show without smiling. With danceable melodies and lots of charisma, Kate swept our minds away from our isolation. Watch now, you’ll be glad you came!

Siana Altiise - LIVE | Sofar Atlanta

This Atlanta-based artist creates musical sets using only her voice and a looping system. Watching her work is almost as magical as listening to it — see for yourself in this listening room show!

Makeda Sunshine - LIVE | Sofar London

South London-based singer, songwriter, and performer with a unique musical style that is grounded in her Rastafarian roots. Let her voice warm you up from the inside out.

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