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11 Sofar Shows for Your Summer Friday

11 Sofar Shows for Your Summer Friday
August 20, 2021

Ready to kickstart your weekend? We teamed up with Stella Artois Solstice Lager to bring the best summer sounds to your Friday. Check out the video roundup below for sunny upbeat shows from past Sofar shows around the world. But first, crack open a Solstice Lager and raise your glass to the sun’s favorite season. 

Presidio - Won't Give Up To You | Sofar San Francisco | Sofar Solstice

This duo formed in 2016 after a chance encounter while both were studying at NYU. Since then, they’ve been charming Sofar audiences across the west coast.

Soaked Oats - Gum-15 | Sofar Philadelphia

The Soaked Oats are a Dunedin-based sludge-pop band making clever-sounding, happy-feeling tunes with a laid back guitar and pedalboard style.

Caleborate - California Breeze| Sofar San Francisco | Sofar Solstice

Sacramento-born, Berkeley-bred Caleborate brings sharp flow and gripping narratives that paint a vivid portrait of life.

The Pearl Harts - Different Kinda Girl | Sofar London

Lead singer and guitarist, Kirsty, and drummer and vocalist, Sara, use bouncy guitar sounds and larger-than-life vocals to create a unique and innovative barrage of sound.

Rexx Life Raj - Level Up | LIVE | Sofar San Francisco | Sofar Solstice

Rexx Life Raj crafts rhymes about relatable topics, making poignant observations without shying away from introspection.

Alba Rose - Butterfly Kisses | Sofar Wellington

This indie-folk artist’s songs cover the span of emotions that come with letting go of expectations and lost lovers, and learning to trust the processes of life. 

Jungle By Night - Ja Precis | Sofar London

After almost a decade of heating up dancefloors across the globe, Jungle By Night have melted years of passion, friendship, and influences from krautrock, dance, jazz, afrobeat together into new instrumental prose.

Local Safari - Millenial Crush | Sofar Gold Coast

Presenting a deep jungle of indie rock sound, Local Safari mesmerizes listeners with juicy rhythms, vibrant vocals, and groovy beats. The perfect summer Friday pick-me-up.

iogi | Sofar Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv-based recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer iogi has established himself as a musical Swiss army knife and one of his city’s most versatile and prolific artists.

Sugi Dakks - Crazy | Sofar Los Angeles

This LA-based artist dynamically blends piano and rap that merges into jazz-tinged hip-hop, creating an upbeat and irresistible sound.

Grace Weber - Through the Fire | Sofar Chicago

Grace Weber, the Milwaukee-born talent, now based in Los Angeles, brings the world joyfully uninhibited pop that feels like a quintessential summer afternoon.