11 Relaxing Sofar Shows to Calm Your Anxiety

11 Relaxing Sofar Shows to Calm Your Anxiety
Video Round-upMay 26, 2020

Times are stressful (to say the least). Luckily, we always have music to transport us to another time, place, memory, or feeling. This is your daily reminder that no matter how impossible your to-do list might look or how daunting the future may feel, you deserve to unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, take some deep breaths, and watch the shows that take your mind off the world’s woes.

Jake Wesley Rogers - Holy Man | Sofar NYC

This artist always seems to know how to put our hearts at ease with his stunning voice and soothing piano.

Sophie Ozard - Four Walls | Gold Coast

Sounds like Amy Winehouse, feels like drinking a Sunday morning cup of coffee.

Leah Jenea - Pulse | Sofar NYC

Mixing old school soul with new school R&B, this young star’s commanding stage presence and beautiful voice are everything we need right now.

Max Livio - Pour le meilleur et le pire | Sofar Paris

Soft guitar, passionate vocals, a plant-filled venue — this show from french singer-songwriter Max Livio has it all.

Pomme - Les Séquoias | Sofar Paris

If we could time travel to another moment in time, it would be to this soft, romantic show in Paris. Luckily, this video is just as good.

Moscow Apartment - Eighteen | Sofar Toronto

This indie rock duo reminds us of long road trips to the beach, soaking in the sunshine. Take a deep breath and enjoy their sweet, angsty set. 

Ceren Gündoğdu - Ben Hep Seni Sevdim | Sofar Istanbul

Close your eyes and press ‘play’ on this show to feel your blood pressure drop and your energy rise.

Rebeca - Corar | Sofar Rio de Janeiro

Get wooed into the world of Rebeca, a talented Brazilian Sofar alum with the rhythm and blues to soothe all our woes.

Duratierra - Marzo | Sofar Buenos Aires

We wish we could move right in to this apartment Sofar Buenos Aires show with Duratierra. Between the cozy setting, the lullaby vocals, and the light piano keys, this song left us smitten.

Phosphenes - Dust | Sofar Kathmandu

We needed this show in our lives and, trust us, you do too.

The National - Carin at the Liquor Store | Sofar Edinburgh

We’re not sure what makes The National’s sound so damn soothing, we’re just happy we can keep counting on it to get us through.

TL;DR: Life is hard, but there’s always music. Find more calming shows happening every day in the Sofar listening room!

Header image of Pomme by Monomanies.

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