Celebrating 100 Streams in the Sofar Listening Room

Celebrating 100 Streams in the Sofar Listening Room
Video Round-upJuly 3, 2020

This Saturday in the listening room, we’re celebrating 100 live Keep Listening performances, where 100 artists and over 45,000 audience members have met to keep listening and keep enjoying the music that brings us all together. All artists are paid for their sets and have received over $38,000 in generous donations from viewers around the world, which have helped offset the financial stress of COVID-19.

Haven't gotten the chance to catch a listening room show yet? Don't worry — we compiled them here and paired them with their best listening activity. Enjoy!

When you need to decompress

2020 has been a stressful year. Luckily we have good music to lower our blood pressure and get us through the day. Take a deep breath with us and check out these soothing, stunning livestreams.

Iskandar Widjaja


This talented multi-instrumentalist fuses sounds from around the world with elegant and powerful melodies. His listening room blew us away, from the emotional musicality to the stunning background.

Knyves Escobar

Washington DC

This creative artist paints emotional landscapes with a multitude of influences from classical to pop. Her soulful performance gave us goosebumps from start to finish.

Derek Gripper

Cape Town

Derek Gripper has created original music from a diverse range of influences and some impressive execution. We’re stunned every time we hear his guitar, and this time in the listening room was no exception.



Get swept away by the lovely vocals and stunning lyrics that Sister is known for. Watch her purple-tinged show to see why she’s a Sofar favorite.

When you're making coffee

Ready to start your day? Do it with some upbeat songs from talented artists around the world.



Clerel blew us away with his set of original songs and sweet voice. Feeling stressed? Sit back, relax, play this listening room show, and let Clerel serenade your worries away.



This singer-songwriter serenades audiences with elegant folk-pop. Like Phoebe Bridgers and Faye Webster? This artist is for you. Tune in for moody musical beauty and stay for the jaw-dropping golden hour view.



Audacious vocals, sensitive lyrics, and complex beats make any show from this Brazil-based trio one to remember. Spoiler: this livestream contains a doggo.

When you're going for your daily walk

Strolling through the neighborhood? Take the beautiful sounds of acoustic guitar, impressive R&B vocals, and stunning beats with you!

Yasmin Williams

Washington D.C.

This rising artist is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist who uses a combination of fingerstyle and lap-tapping guitar techniques to play everything from beautiful originals to dynamic Post Malone covers.

Miette Hope

New York City

You’ll find a little R&B, a lot of soul and plenty of honesty in Miette’s rhythmic music. Her sweet set had us in our feels and wanting to hear her voice on repeat (and look up her hair routine 💁).

Jordan Mackampa


This London-raised singer boasts soul-soaked tracks full of stunning vocals and lots of charisma. Someone once described his music as “sad with vibes” and we couldn’t agree more. Listen to his beautiful set to be blown away and to learn more about his songwriting inspiration.



Haunting vocals and stunning beats, this singer-songwriter amazed us with new original songs and lots of cozy vibes from her bathroom/stage.

When your WFH playlist needs a refresh

Some days we all need a little more energy to get us through the workday. Pour a second (or third) cup of coffee and add these energizing livestreams to the queue.

Carnival Youth


This semi-acoustic livestream from Latvian indie band Carnival Youth was a ride from start to finish. These talented and v goofy musicians entertained us with catchy melodies and a sweet escape from quarantine.


Los Angeles

This LA-based artist has carved out his own unique sound from his R&B roots and influences from the likes of Prince and Marvin Gaye. His swoon-worthy show had us dancing in our living rooms and smiling at our screens.

American Authors

Los Angeles

American Author’s frontman Zac put on pants just for this show, so you better watch. His energetic performance is a beautiful and much-needed pick-me-up, featuring their mega hit “Best Day of My Life”.

Kate Yeager


We’re pretty sure it’s impossible to watch this show without smiling. With danceable melodies and lots of charisma, Kate swept our minds away from our isolation. Watch now, you’ll be glad you came!

When you need a 20 minute work break

Lost your muse? Unplug for a quick work break with these talented artists.

Manny Walters

Cape Town

A South-African singer-songwriter with a distinct voice and unique sound that blends together soul, R&B, and pop, Manny Walters brought raspy, soulful vocals to the listening room. Brb, watching his show over and over again.

Rodrigo Alarcon


His sound is as big as his mustache. With smooth guitar and silky vocals, this Brazilian artist never fails to enchant his audience. In his hour-long listening room set, he wowed us (and the very active fans in the chat) over and over again.

Jordan Hawkins

Los Angeles

He’s got amazing vocals, impressive range, and all the charisma to blow audiences away. This seasoned Sofar alumni gave us the groove-filled show our hearts needed.

When you're looking for a pick-me-up

These energetic artists served up some beautiful, upbeat shows that are sure to turn any bad day around.

Adekunle Gold


A Nigerian artist with a worldly sound and beautiful melodies. Tune in for upbeat hops, wholesome vibes, and a sweet guest appearance from his guitarist.

Sugi Dakks

Los Angeles

This artist blends the beauty of jazz and hip hop seamlessly. This show marked the finale of his (virtual) cross country tour with Sofar, where he raised money for the Youth Justice Coalition.


St. Louis

This talented artist has many titles, but our favorite is singer-songwriter. Her on-set energy is something to be reckoned with and makes every song she performs a total bop. Listen in for rich, soft vocals and amazing instrumentation.

Chadwick Stokes


If you’re looking for a feel-good show that will have you moving, shaking, and smiling — this is it. Catch Chadwick’s amazing folk show with his brother, Will.

When you're practicing some much-needed self care

Treat yourself to the relaxing sounds and delicious vibes of these talented, soothing sets.

Joy Olakodun


This artist has created a deeply emotional fusion of indie folk, pop, and R&B with precision and passion. Her listening room performance was packed with important insights, powerful songwriting, and beauty. We’re so grateful to have Joy as part of our community!

Siana Altiise


This Atlanta-based artist creates musical sets using only her voice and a looping system. Watching her work is almost as magical as listening to it — see for yourself in the listening room!



Passionate performers who cross genres, cultures, and sounds beautifully and seamlessly — their listening room stunned us. Brb, watching over again for the soothing guitar and enchanting vocals.

When you feel like dancing

Get your groove on with these funky beats, high-energy vocals from some of our most talented an loved Sofar artists.



Thair’s sound boasts Soaring vocals, complex lyricism, and lots of inspiration from his life as a queer black man. His performance was as moving as it was dance-worthy.

Bronze Avery

Los Angeles

An upbeat pop artist whose music brings us back to the best first-crush, summer-road-trip, feels. Watch for good energy, great bops, and amazing vocals.


New York City

Spoiler alert: It’s impossible to watch this without dancing. Tune in for the killer beats. Stay for the doggo.

When you're cooking dinner

Season your cooking time with good vibes and vocals.



Soothing songs to cure your isolation heartaches. Flyte’s frontman Will showcases modernist sounds with incredible songwriting and lots of emotion. He’s been writing new songs during isolation, and debuted a few of them during his listening room show!

Ganda Boys


An African-fusion band that uses their work to raise money and awareness to combat poverty — the Ganda boys have a special place in our hearts and have performed more Sofar shows than any other artists. This colorful livestream show has us counting down the days until we can see them IRL again.

The Bergamot


An indie folk-rock band boasting sweet melodies and resonating rhythms that are sure to win you over. Their listening room set was full of catchy songs that had us craving a long road trip with the windows down and the music up.

Ayse Deniz


Ayse’s piano talents and sequined pajamas are sure to put a smile on your face. This talented pianist combines styles to create incredible melodies and has used her work to raise awareness about environmental issues around the world. We stan a sparkly queen.

When you're playing bartender

Bars are closed but cocktails are not! Moonlight as a mixologist to the tune of some enchanting beats.

Lara Nuh


This Peruvian artist fuses electronic beats with Latin American folklore with precision and creativity. Tune into her show for enchanting spoken word, haunting electronic beats, and some top-notch dance vibes.

Daisha McBride


This artist started rapping at age 10 and has created a sound fueled by her Nashville country and hip hop roots. Her performance is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Check it out!

Madeline Edwards


Like the sounds of Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse? Tune in to hear singer-songwriter Madeline Edwards serenade the listening room with raspy, rich vocals. Pro-tip: Listen to the end for a stunning Childish Gambino cover. 

When you're enjoying an at-home date night

Pour the wine and let these independent artists do the rest. These romantic shows will make you feel like you're out of your house and in a candlelit cafe.

Bia Ferreira & Doralyce

Rio de Janeiro

This duo uses their voice to educate, raise awareness about the demands of the anti-racism social movement in Brazil, and over the weekend, they were the first couple to perform in the listening room Love Lockdown. They’re smiley, feel-good set (with a touch of social activism) did our hearts some good.

M w S


Like Oh Wonder and Sylvan Esso? You’re going to love the dreamy landscapes that song-writing duo M w S brought to the stage in this stripped-down, oh-so-good listening room set.

Oh He Dead

Washington DC

This sweet indie-soul duo couldn’t stop smiling through their listening room set, and neither could we. Their feel-good guitar and raspy vocals are good for the soul.

Brooke Annibale 


A magnetic voice and expressive songwriting that hit us right in the feels. Brooke was supposed to be touring Europe and performing at Sofar Paris during her live stream, but we’re lucky we still got to see her in the listening room.

Thanks to all who have tuned in so far — amazing artists will continue performing on daily livestreams at sofarsounds.com at 3pm ET/ 8pm UK. See you in the listening room!