Twin Tree Grove

Performed in Sofar Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Twin Tree Grove is the music of Tel-Aviv based guitarist and singer-songwriter Ofer Amichai, a well traveled “student” of the Blues and American/British folk music. With a raspy voice, soulful guitar playing and honest personal songs, Ofer brings the rawness and authenticity to any Twin Tree Grove show, whether solo acoustic or with a full band. Amichai has been performing his “road worn homegrown blues” in Israel and the US for almost a decade, jamming and collaborating with Israeli and American artists such as Gary Clark Jr., Lurey Bell, Ronnie Peterson, Lazer Lloyd, Itzhak Klepter, Geva Alon, Gal De Paz, Diana Golbi, Full Trunk and others. In the course of 2016 Ofer got to open for American blues artist, Grammy nominee Cedric Burnside; and accompany singer Gal De Paz as she opened for yet another Grammy nominee - rock, blues and soul singer Beth Hart. Twin Tree Grove’s debut album is currently in the making - set to be released in 2017 and anthologize almost 10 years of writing on the road.

No videos are available yet for Twin Tree Grove