Tristan Simone

Tristan Simone, born in Spain, is a sociopolitical rapper and jazz artist who performs in Spanish and English. Having lived in five countries, Simone fuses the styles, genres, and techniques acquired along the way into his music to bring a variety of culturesinto his artistry. Tristan was one of the first rappers to get into Berklee College of Music by rappingin his audition. Tristan has recently signed a television contractwith Mediaset in Spain. The Tristan Simone show, which consists of Tristan’s early work presented in concert format, airs once a week on Cuatro channel in Spanish television. Tristan is famous for his outstanding live performancesand charisma. He has directed, performed at and produced numerous showssince the start of his music career and was featured in Berklee’s finest productions, performing for world famous artists such as T-Pain, Missy Elliott, Sylvia Rhoneand just recently, for world music group Patáx. He released his first EP "Fyesta"in 2019 under the record label "CoyotL",which he founded with four partners two years ago. In winter 2020 he is expected to release his debut album, The Testimonial Dance of Bella Madness. This ambitious project brings together more that 80 musicians from all over the world and features two full bands, a choir and turntablists. Bella Madness fuses together old school hip-hop with urban, jazz and Spanish heritageflavors in the name of freedom, multiculturalism and strength

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