The Boogie Playboys

Who're the playboys? The band started jamming in 2009 and named themselves The Boogie Playboys officially in 2013. They were the only local act (except Gem Tang) to share the main stage with Franz Fedinand and Chic ft. Nile Rodgers in Clockenflap 2013, been the guest performers in Alex To's concert in Hong Kong Coliseum 2014 and 2015, returned to Clockenflap in 2016, and played in different bars and venues too! They like 50's old rockabilly and also 80's neo rockabilly, and influenced by 70's Hong Kong God of Pop - Sam Hui's Cantonese slang lyrics style, they have set a standard of Hong Kong's contemporary rockabilly!! The Boogie Playboys是本地罕見的Rockabilly樂團,Rockabilly是一種流行於1950年代的美式搖滾樂,他們將這種曲風揉合口語化的粵語歌詞,創作出抵死鬼馬的「Canto-billy」。曾登上香港最大型國際音樂節Clockenflap的主舞台,亦榮獲杜德偉邀請於其「極杜世界」紅館演唱會擔任演出嘉賓。結他手Felix和K13於2017年成為Gretsch Guitars香港代言人。首張同名專輯「The Boogie Playboys」於2017年12月推出,同時亦推出「Playboys Strut」歷年作品集,首支派台歌《親親你面頰》於登上叱吒樂壇專業推介第4位。 成員 主唱兼木結他手Felix 電結他手YKM 低音大提琴手藍調人 及鼓手Barry

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