Terra Fractal

Performed in Sofar Phoenix

Long time drum corp friends came together in the summer of 2013 and decided to start a cover band for fun and extra cash under the orginal name Scariola. John Stamas, the drummer brought in Ryan Cronin a long time high school friend in for lead guitar. Not much later Richard Sullivan joined to play keys for the group and Scariola was formed. The band has evolved and ditched the covers only repertoire and is currently recording their first completely original album under the new moniker Terra Fractal. Their debut album, "Hyperspace Lexicon" is aiming to be released this fall. The music is ripe with syncopation yet plenty of ear catching melodies alongside ambient and transcendent musical interludes. It creates a middle ground for composition and improvisation to live together in harmony. The ambitious nature of the music is something that sets Terra Fractal apart from other Phoenix bands. Rich musical bass lines from Alan Fuhlrodt create a sonic pool for the rest of the band to swim in and with the return of John Stamas bringing creative and musical drum riffs. Terra Fractal is a band to look out for in the southwest music scene for the next couple of years.

Videos by Terra Fractal