Svavar Knútur

Performed in Sofar Reykjavík and Oslo

Icelandic singer-songwriter Svavar Knútur is a talented troubadour whose artistic style stems from humble beginnings set amidst his rural upbringing. Svavar carefully crafts stories into each one of his compositions. Within his albums, he pens every song as a novelist would create a chapter. Svavar’s music and muses have made him an Icelandic wanderer filled with wit and wonder. Svavar Knútur leaves emotive imprints of love, tragedy, sadness, and redemption in his art. His eclectic meld of indie folk/rock often reflects the theme of man against nature. His stylistic soundscapes emanate from first-hand experiences of the nature and society of his homeland. Svavar’s live performances are usually a mixture of song and story. On stage, he presents spellbinding and magnetic shows - beckoning the audience along with him on a journey through misery and redemption. However, Knútur always ensures his fans have comedic stops along the way. All the while, he maintains his creative goal of emotional healing and catharsis. “There is always a subtle sense of humor and hope in my lyrics.” His audiences are often laughing and crying - simultaneously.

Videos by Svavar Knútur