Performed in Sofar Denver

What lies beneath? What looms above? And what hangs in the balance in-between? Stevey’s quest inward began after a job promotion moved him west to the Rocky Mountains (Fort Collins, CO). He had already forged a successful career path through his deeply ingrained work ethic. And yet, he felt unfulfilled… longing for more… something beyond the limits of the five senses and confines of the traditional corporate grind. It was then that Stevey decided to dive head-first into songwriting. Although he’d been writing poetry off-and-on since childhood and had even been a member of a college boyband, this new venture was a significant challenge. For one, his guitar skills were limited to being self-taught and primarily by ear. Stevey debuted as a folk-pop solo artist in 2018 with his inaugural EP ‘Beneath,’ featuring a catchy alt-country original, Damn Girl Lie. His sophomore EP ‘Above’ launched worldwide in 2019, featuring the hooky pop single Altitude and an upbeat, self-empowerment anthem titled Find Your Place. Stevey’s writing is intentionally moody and poignant, complemented by rich, creamy vocals that often swoop into whimsical falsettos. He balances heady lyrics with melodies that are inviting and quasi familiar; utilizing the power of pedal steel, cello, and electric guitar to build momentous arcs; featuring complementary background vocals that add body and movement. All of these elements give his folk-pop sound an energy that straddles the intersection between new age, old-school, and mainstream.

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