Stand for Humanity

Performed in Sofar London

Yazzie is a Spoken Word Artist and Poet, Soul Coach, Speaker and Founder of the Stand for Humanity movement. The four are intertwined and have led her to sharing poetry not only as a means of expression but also as a vehicle for change. Stand for Humanity was sparked by Yazzie’s involvement in the refugee crisis; she first volunteered in the Calais jungle in Summer 2015 and has been going back and forth ever since.  Although part of the movement is involved in continuing support for the crisis, the other part is helping others to remember their power as individuals to make change - by each making a pledge to do one thing for humanity. By combining performance poetry with storytelling, Yazzie conveys powerful social messages as another part of the movement. Her  TEDx talk 'Why apathy is our biggest threat' shares her poetry, insights from volunteering in refugee camps and what she has found to be a much wider and dangerous problem facing humanity - apathy - and how to overcome it. Yazzie was recently awarded Exceptional Woman of Excellence at the 25th annual  Women's Economic Forum in Delhi this year for her leadership in humanity. She has been featured and performed for various organisations such as the BBC, Warner Music, MTV, Amnesty International, MIND, Sofar Sounds and took her Stand for Humanity collective to Camp Bestival for a 1.5 hr set this summer.

Videos by Stand for Humanity