Performed in Sofar Dallas / Fort Worth

We are Sleepover; a dreamy Pysch folk trio from Little Rock, AR with a penchant for real things that make us feel good and special. We formed initially in 2016 under the name Fresh Greens and Blues with members Madeleine Robinson and Josh Wyatt. We were young and we didn't know what we were doing, which almost made it more special because there wasn't a lot of expectation. We ended up finding our sound together in Memphis and changed our name to Something Better. We recorded an album and moved to Fayetteville, where we found a crowd that gave us a platform to share our sound. The more shows we played the more it felt like a plausible life choice, so in 2019 we moved to Little Rock to add 3rd member Logan Moseley. He gave us the rounded out sound that we craved, and to rebrand ourselves we changed our name to Sleepover. Music to us is an implied element of our lives that percolates between every moment, but it's also a place of solace. It is a language that we can use to translate moments and feelings that are hard to explain. We are in the process of recording new material at our house in North Little Rock that we are very excited about. Thanks:)

No videos are available yet for Sleepover