Sergeant Jammer

Performed in Sofar Prague

It‘s the four of us. We already got used to people calling us Sergeants. We don‘t have any mysterious or funny story for that, it just somehow came naturally. Lukáš does the singing. He plays the guitar and synth as well. It is said he‘s got the right self-selling face. Every band does have one like that, right? There are two guys named Martin in the band. The first Martin aka Schomby is our newest member. He has a DIY guitar, anger issues and a heavily scratched synth. The scratches are there since the time he had a tantrum once again and kicked the synth. The bass guy is Míra. He‘s turning 103 this year. He‘s really that old. He‘s either wearing a golden bomber jacket or nothing. There‘s nothing in between. The second Martin is the drummer. He‘s usually drumming when he‘s not talking the living soul out of you. His mouth can literally fit the whole audience in it. Some say we play indie. Some say we‘re an alternative guitar band. The only thing we know for sure is that we like what we‘re doing and we like playing loud. We managed to play support to Peach Pit, the Canadian guys you might know about. Since we listen to pop as well we were very stoked to play with British Tender, and continuing the collaboration with Great Britain, we accompanied Banfi on the Austrian part of their European tour. In 2018 we released Keep This Moment, our very first and cherished EP! Now you probably know more than you wanted at first, so come to one of our gigs and take a listen! L M M M

Videos by Sergeant Jammer