Performed in Sofar Montréal and Toronto

SATE is blues and SATE is rock. SATE is raw power, out to satisfy and empower a nation. Armed with ferocious soulful wails, relentless guitars & a dirty low end, pulsating organs and greasy grooves to satisfy earholes, SATE has learned at the feet of masters, and incorporated those lessons into what are, beyond a doubt, some of the most electrifying sounds to come from anyone this year. At the forefront of it all is empowerment, strength and sexiness personified by the indelible image of a woman on stage, her fist in the air, and an entire audience raising its hands in communal acknowledgment. The full spectrums of emotions, channeled into a fight for what is right, as bodies and spirits are moved, and souls are satisfied.

Videos by SATE