Performed in Sofar Miami, Gainesville and Fort Lauderdale

Since a very young age, RIMIDI has been active in preparing for her career as a professional vocalist. Actively performing music for most of her life, RIMIDI quickly took over the indie scene in South Florida venturing off to other parts of Florida to explore her sound and brand her name. One of her noteworthy professional accomplishments included being accepted into Betty Wright's songwriting camp ”The M.O.S.T.” in 2004. You can hear her eclectic blend of soul grunge and new age sound featured on Slim Thug’s song, “Movie” from his 2010 album, “Tha Thug Show”. In 2012, RIMIDI released her first debut album, “Stone Cold” in collaboration with award winning and platinum selling producer, The Fabulous Moonshyne Brown. In 2013, RIMIDI released, “The Dopamine Collection vol. 1, produced by hip hop/grunge soul artist and producer, Forrest Darden, playing on and arousing emotions caused by the brain’s chemical, DOPAMINE. Currently, she is working to release new material including her upcoming single, “The New Jimi Was High”, as well as taking her show on the road with scheduled performance dates in various cities. As her soulful and eclectic voice shines through her dynamic performances and recordings, it is clear that this prolific singer/songwriter will make a significant mark on the careers of other artists, in addition to her own.

No videos are available yet for RIMIDI