Randolph's Leap

Performed in Sofar Glasgow

Adam Ross is a songwriter and musician who usually writes and performs under the name Randolph’s Leap, which can range from a solo project to an 8-piece band. Living in Aberdeenshire but largely working in Glasgow, Adam has been steadily building up an eclectic back-catalogue of uplifting folk-pop - a mixture of lo-fi home recordings and full-band studio epics, full of heart-bursting melody, humour and poignant moments. He has released three full-length albums and several EPs with DIY/indie labels Fence, Lost Map and Olive Grove Records, including the most recent album, 'Worryingly Okay' on Lost Map. Recently, his songs became the inspiration for a theatre show called The Isle of Love which was written and produced by the award-winning Right Lines Productions. Adam had a performing role in the show which toured extensively across Scotland in 2018. In February 2019, the song 'Television' was selected as a Category Highlight in the John Byrne Award under the Health category. Adam is currently working on a new Randolph’s Leap album which is due for completion by Autumn/Winter 2019 as well as a brand new folk music and theatre project inspired by the 1936 novel 'Wild Harbour'.

Videos by Randolph's Leap