Orly Bendavid & the Mona Dahls

Performed in Sofar NYC

In 2008 songwriter Orly Bendavid met violinist Daniella Fischetti in her almost-cubicle over a cup of Daniella’s incredibly awesome coffee. Together they formed The Mona Dahls. They have worked diligently over the last 8 years writing and recording their first album Mona. Mona is a collection of character portraits, “Christine,” about a washed-up former model encountered at a bar, “String Bean,” inspired by an unknown anorexic teenage pop star, and “Oh God” delving into the depths of addiction, and the cycle of shame it creates. In general, the lyrical repertoire hangs elusively simple words around cryptic stories of heartbreak, longing, and relationships. Musically, Orly and The Mona Dahls knit the lyricism of the violin in conversation with the tender and terse cadences of Orly’s own voice. Their music at once evokes the sounds of Parisian cabaret, the Appalachian hill country, and the Middle East. the Mona Dahls are Daniella Fischetti (violin), Robin Mitchell (piano, vocals), Don Lavis (drums), Al Hoberman (bass) and Orly Bendavid (guitar, vocals). Their first album Mona will be released on May 20, 2016 at Rockwood Music Hall. Produced by Huw Price (David Bowie, Primal Scream, Nick Cave, Ian Dury, Fad Gadget and My Bloody Valentine).

No videos are available yet for Orly Bendavid & the Mona Dahls