Performed in Sofar Indianapolis

A brother/sister duo initially began playing out at local bars and restaurants in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their cousin soon joined them, turning the duo into a “family trio”, and they dubbed themselves “OFERLE”, named simply after their last name. Members are: vocalist Annette Offerle (22), guitarist/vocalist Luke Offerle (20), and pianist/guitarist/vocalist Jonah Baker (19). It wasn’t long before OFERLE’s hard work found them some great opportunities. In addition to the experience they were gathering from playing local shows nearly every weekend, collectively, they found themselves performing with the Jonas Brothers at The Klipsch Music center in Indianapolis, as well as receiving private invitations to audition for the hit television shows America’s Got Talent (Chicago), and The Voice (St. Louis). OFERLE has performed on the same stages as Matchbox 20, Switchfoot, Kip Moore, and many other widely known acts. OFERLE has found their niche playing acoustically driven music with modern pop influences. Currently working in the studio, they expect their single to be released “within the next couple of months”. As a family trio, OFERLE’s focus of putting family first will show through their music. Expect authentic, personal, and refreshingly raw music!

Videos by Oferle