Performed in Sofar Boston, NYC, Chicago, Providence and Rochester

NOVA ONE is a providence, ri based musical project who explores youth, femininity, and gender through a moody 60’s pop lens.  In June of 2018, they debuted their first EP "Secret Princess" on Community Records. Clad in matching costumes and wigs, NOVA ONE offers a clear, dreamy guitar pop that finds a emotive darkness in their haunting vocal harmonies and contained candor.  Musically, NOVA ONE plays pleasingly dystopian rock’n’roll that dismisses all normative codes in popular music that have historically inhibited the archetypal “girl group” from seizing even more of its owed prestige in pop canon.  "Secret Princess" offers an earworm indie pop tribute to the most enduring musical contributions, and works in continuity with the mod and post-punk movements. 

No videos are available yet for NOVA ONE