Natalie Gelman

Performed in Sofar Winchester and Denver

Attraction is inexplicable. It’s pheromonal, quasi-spiritual, physiological and physical. For songwriter-pop artist Natalie Gelman, the pull to music has almost been innate. As an eight-year-old, she freely roamed the wilds of New York City, stoking the fire of her artistry and innate songwriting gifts. The Ojai, California-based artist has aptly titled her upcoming release, Moth To The Flame. Natalie’s songwriting recalls sophisticated-but-still-pop tunesmiths such as Jewel, Sara Bareilles, and Jason Mraz. Her songs are subtly lush, detailed with ethereal atmospherics and layers of dreamy vocals. Moth To The Flame was born out of struggle. Looking to take her career to new heights, Natalie set out to do something different than she had done before, and that meant building an album with precision and direction that would be uncompromising in its execution and creation. This led to long, late hours in the studio; days, weeks, and even months between recording sessions, but Natalie so believed in her vision she refused to settle for anything less than perfection. Her never-say-die work ethic has paid off for Moth To The Flame as Natalie has issued her most assured artistic statement to date. “I have put years into this album. While working on it, I got married, lost my mom to Alzheimer's, and had the opportunity to open for major artists,” she says. “These songs have taught me to focus on the love you can give and the integrity with which you live your life.”

Videos by Natalie Gelman