Mike the Prophet

Performed in Sofar Raleigh / Durham

Be Simple. Be Honest. Be Natural. Those three commands guide Mike the Prophet's musical journey. Hailing alone from the famously strange heart of Central Florida, the young artist came of age in a stew of Southern and Caribbean influences. His fusion of pop, rock, Latin, and American folk described in a 2013 review as "equal parts margaritas and moonshine" has garnered comparison to classic artists like Jim Croce and Elton John as well as contemporary faces like Passenger and The Avett Brothers. His debut self-titled album released April 2015 is a tight collection of punchy songs, heavy on lyrical content and hooks, and lacking fluff and self-indulgence. Elegantly constructed, his debut says exactly what it needs to say; no more, no less. And it says it damn catchy. That confident simplicity comes from someone who is a straight shooter in music and life. Mike the Prophet's video series, The B♮ Tapes ["Be Natural"], features himself and other artists recorded as honestly as possible: one microphone, one camera, one song, usually outdoors. Whether solo or with his backing band, The Bottom Line, Mike the Prophet grabs entire rooms of strangers and fans alike with that same honesty in his famously energetic and lyrically profound live show.

Videos by Mike the Prophet