Performed in Sofar Cork

Cork city based singer songwriter hailing from the Effin countryside I have been performing my songs and covers around about for a few years now... because of the awesomeness of my mothership I have been playing music since I was five and though I didn't become a child prodigy she stuck through that racket and is an avid supporter.. I describe my music as freakfolk as it was the first thing I said when I was asked and it was accepted without question so I figure id stick with that. I love music. I have an open mind when it comes to music and listen to lots of different types of artists..I love collaborating with artists from different genres..experimenting a bit..its fun. I was in a band called non-toxic orchestra for a time, I sang, played, conducted, there was many of us, at most ten, it was a great time, made bikers dance, great memories ;) I am still a huge fan and friend. It is a total joy to perform for people. I have terrible stage fright but in the best possible way it scares me..the joy is soon after I start playing..and is worth it as someone who wants to learn and get better. I was playing 20 years before I performed my own songs.. I only started singing seven years ago just so I could play one complete song after playing music so long, I felt regardless how rough my voice after 20-years I should be able to play one full entire song. It started there. Then a few years later due to an injury I couldn't play the same. So I played what I cud, Things got freaky. Songs were written and here we are now. I hope people enjoy listening to my music. My aim is to perform as much live as I can this year, play more, learn more guitar with Carlos and Baby (my guitars) ..we are open to gig suggestions anytime ;) please drop me a line ..the freakfolk scene...seeking members? come join me M.sea <3

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