Performed in Sofar Singapore and Boston

LEW is a Singaporean singer-songwriter who is inspired by acoustic and folk tunes. He was born and raised in Hong Kong, but came back to Singapore to serve his National Service and sees this as an opportunity to write about new things as well as to connect with the local music scene. He started singing and playing the guitar when he was thirteen but started song-writing at the age of seventeen. He writes about the raw and metaphorical ways that he feels about his experiences and using the simplicity of a guitar and his voice, he materialises these ideas. Artists like Birdy, Passenger and Ed Sheeran inspire him as he not only appreciates the way they sound, but also how they have stayed true to themselves as artists in their niche music genres. LEW has recently participated and completed the Noise Singapore Music Mentorship Program, and was very honoured to receive the NOISE Award for 2015.

Videos by Lew