L.A. VanGogh

Performed in Sofar NYC, Los Angeles and Chicago

Lamont Anderson a.k.a. L.A. VanGogh is best known for his ear candy production, his mastery of lyricism, and the versatility of his voice. Mr. Anderson grew up in the Chicago suburb of Dolton, IL. At a young age of 15, he started writing, recording, and producing his own music on his grandmother’s computer. Since, he’s attained a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, grown into an immense talent as well as an impactful mental wellness advocate. Born of mixed race, Black and Mexican, L.A. certainly has a unique perspective to share with the world. L.A.’s latest project is the musical equivalent of a cinematic experience. “Everything is Subjective” is an episodic release that prys into his thoughts and feelings. He makes brush strokes that cover money, mental health issues, self-discovery, and relevant social issues. L.A.’s storytelling has progressed to a more intimate and candid level in this latest work. L.A. says, “I’m letting myself and the audience know that we are not alone in our vulnerability to our feelings, our humanity.”

Videos by L.A. VanGogh