Kath Myers

Performed in Sofar Los Angeles

Honest is such a cagey word to describe music. But we want it so badly right now. We want to believe every word, we want to see the human behind the sound, clear as a bell – stark, blunt, and brutal. But to hear a song and be able to say, my god, this is so authentic, so vulnerable, so real, it makes me wonder just what our ears need to hear to convince our hearts, or our minds, that we’re hearing honest music. There’s a deadpan vulnerability to the nine songs on Sensitive Groups; there’s also a pop hook in almost every one of them. Myers’ verses skirt around the edge of confessional 90s rock & roll, think Aimee Mann and Liz Phair, but the choruses hit early and hit hard, weaving back and forth across that gauzy median of contemporary indie-rock and pop. The production feels like a heavy nod to Richard Swift, but there’s a vibrance, a simplicity and precision that reminds me of a Faye Webster or Aldous Harding record. She says most of these songs were written when she was still drinking and riddled with anxiety and fear, but I don’t hear that. I just hear this vibrant, calm, fearlessly funny, understated rock & roll singer, digging her heels into what it means to take honest songs and make an honest record. It’s beyond catchy; it’s occasionally funky, consistently creative, surprising without being quirky, and severely and sincerely exposing. There is a deep, dark vein of humor throughout this record, but also such a nonchalant, zero fucks to give delivery, that I’m thrown into some past life I barely remember where i’m driving a 1989 Nissan Pulsar through literally anywhere 2004 America listening to this record, that one song by Semisonic, and the Cardigans and feeling sexy, messy, brave, and brilliantly alive. ~ Anna Ash

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