Jennifer Owens

Performed in Sofar Portsmouth U.K. and Swindon

Motivated by the world’s reaction to, and hunger for emotive and moving songs by artists such as Adele, and more recently Lewis Capaldi, and after receiving high praise from Lewis on her first Instagram post; a raw, a cappella cover of Lewis’ ‘Bruises’, the timing seemed perfect to put Jennifer’s (24) own story to tape. Coming from very humble beginnings in Basildon, Essex, with a challenging childhood and family dynamic, you could be mistaken for thinking January 2020's release 'Here for Me' is about the love of a partner, and the loss of it. Wanting people to interpret and relate to her songs in any way that rings true, Jennifer will only ever be able to elaborate to a point on the lyrics for a number of her songs. Having been invited to various major label offices to meet with A&R, Jennifer’s overwhelming feeling coming away from meetings is that majors don’t seem to have any vision, and that she doesn’t want to do the rounds with the usual writers and producers, diluting her story in the process. Not always confident in herself, but 100% in people still wanting to hear relatable and emotional songs, she has set herself the task of releasing her music independently, ignoring any A&R interest until she has proven her point.

Videos by Jennifer Owens