Performed in Sofar Prague

JayRõ is a Czech indie duo consisting of Dubstract and Ambedo. They perform live with Václav Miškovský (drums) and Sebastian Bluestone (bass). In summer 2018, the boys spent 4 weeks at Dubstract's grandmother's cottage and wrote songs for their first EP called Suburban Sausages. The EP is full of contrasts: Dubstract's low-pitched sad romantic whispery voice and Ambedo's bright high-pitched voice singing about life's absurd nature in an embracing way. As two young men with strikingly similar upbringing, they met at a Prague bus stop both traveling to the suburbs. They realized they both live close to each other, they both made music since the early teenage years in the same DAW and they both shared the same taste in music. They immediately became best friends and spent all of their time making music. After releasing their first track Disappear which was a vintage synth-driven deep house track they soon after moved towards more of an indie sound which incorporated live drums and their own vocals. Dubstract met Sebastian who became the bass player for the band.They asked Václav Miškovský to record drums in Berlin studio Trixx as Václav started playing live with JayRo.

No videos are available yet for JayRõ