Frank Bell

Performed in Sofar NYC

Originally a classically-trained cellist, Frank later expanded his instrumental arsenal as a way to further express himself as an artist. As an outlet, Frank began posting videos of his songs on YouTube, which brought him international attention and 800,000 video views (in four days) after being featured on their homepage in 2007. Since then he has recorded and released 2 albums, and is currently working on his 3rd. In March of 2014 Frank was named Skype / Microsofts Music Brand Ambassador which led him to participate on a panel at TED 2014 with fellow artist Amanda Palmer. Frank's distinctive voice and remarkable knack for expressing an endless gamut of emotions continue to garner him much deserved acclaim. When asked to describe his sound - "It's a strange thing," he admits. "I'm always growing as a person, and inevitably my music grows as well. If I could easily describe what I mean and feel in words, I probably wouldn't write most of my music in the first place..." Oddly enough, his vagueness makes complete sense. With an industry so often over saturated with glitz and glam, meaning and substance is often lost. Frank Bell is a refreshing break from the norm.

Videos by Frank Bell