Frances Luke Accord

Performed in Sofar Chicago and NYC

Frances Luke Accord is an independent Chicago-based duo hailing originally from South Bend, Indiana. Both dedicated multi-instrumentalists and attentive songwriters, Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers distinguish their music with genre fluidity, organic acoustics and buttery harmonies. Although prevailingly a modern folk band, FLA sips copious inspiration from Americana, jazz, soul and rock. Since forming during their senior year at the University of Notre Dame, Frances Luke Accord's multifaceted, genre-bending approach to music has marked a boundless evolution. In December of 2012 the duo released their first record, "Kandote," a not-for-profit, intercultural collaboration with the Barefoot Truth Children’s Choir of Kkindu, Uganda; an endeavor that continues to support the primary education and musical aspirations of the choir. Bringing their newfound appreciation for world/folk music to the bustling urban epicenter of Chicago in the summer of 2013, the duo has quickly garnered increasing local and regional attention for their captivating live performances and stunning self-produced releases, including the "Queen for Me" EP (April 2014), "Veronica" (October 2014), and "Live @ Strobe" (April 2015). Frances Luke Accord's music can be described as dreamlike and philosophical, haunting and whimsical. Their melodies evoke a noir film, a Spanish folktale, an enigmatic egoeye. However you pin it, something in the music is turning heads. Whether evidenced by their artist endorsement with Godin Guitars or recent $16,294 Kickstarter campaign to fund their debut full-length album, "Fluke" (due out May 20th, 2016), Gunty and Powers' compositions take the listener by the ear, pull the rug from beneath her feet, and leave her deliciously airborne.

Videos by Frances Luke Accord