Felix Fraser

Performed in Sofar Friedrichshafen

Felix Fraser is a British folk rock singer-songwriter with heartfelt lyrics, melodic acoustic guitar and catchy hook lines spanning a variety of musical genres. Born in 1977 in Surrey just south of London, Felix learned to play the guitar at 10 years old, and started seriously song writing at just 15. After dabbling in several bands, he finally formed his own rock band Panacea performing only Felix’s original songs when he was a student at Bournemouth University in the South coast of England. After graduating from University Felix concentrated on his carrier as a Product designer in London. A few years later Felix felt the urge to travel and took a ‘carrier break’ from his product design position and travelled for six months around India and Indochina, taking only a rucksack and a Martin acoustic ‘backpacker’ guitar with him. It was during his travels, from playing to Sherpas in the Nepalese Himalayas to a carriage full of people in Vietnam when Felix was inspired to return to song writing. Upon returning to England with renewed energy Felix found a new job, bought a flat and moved back to his beloved Bournemouth and hit the open-mic scene every week as a solo artist playing all his new material on acoustic guitar and got a great response. After a few years in his new daytime job Felix got the opportunity to emigrate to Ulm Germany, having already spent a lot of time there for work, combined with his love of travel in 2010 Felix took the plunge and emigrated with his pregnant wife. Being new to the city and now lots of new material Felix immediately sought a recording studio to finally record an Album. The album ‘Dare to Be You’ was recorded at Toninfusion as a collaboration project between producer Martin Schmitt and Felix Fraser, with Iveta Mattielighova as the female singer. Originally intended as a purely acoustic album, the tracks evolved to have a full band backing. The first single ‘The Ever After’ dedicated to his wife, was released in 2012. After the album was finished and Felix established a musical network in Ulm he formed a five-piece band comprising (last line-up) lead guitar Freddy Duong, bass ‘Woods’, drums Wolfgang Hellgoth , keyboard and backing vocals Bernhard Lever and himself on acoustic rhythm guitar and vocals. In the first year of the band 2013, they had ten gigs from festivals to cafes, were featured in the local newspaper several times, and had a one-hour radio interview at Free FM. Felix released his Album on the label Project Mayhem in October 2013. Felix Fraser & Band were voted in the top 50 must see bands in Ulm by Spazz magazine. In 2015 Felix recorded an EP comprising the 2 songs ‘Wormhole’ and ‘Wanderluster’ at Heckmann recording studio in Neu-Ulm, with producer Elmar Heckmann. Early in 2016 Felix split from the band and continued to gig as a solo act with 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars. Later in 2016 Felix collaborated with Elmar Heckmann again to form a duo band, with Elmar on bass and percussion. It is planned to expand the band members again with a drummer in 2017. Already with a new albums worth of material, some of which is already played in his set list, Felix is now planning to record his second album. Felix Fraser continues to gather momentum as his largely ‘British’ acoustic rock based, and catchy music gathers more fans with continues gigs in the southern Germany area. For more information on Felix Fraser’s music, or up and coming concerts please follow the links on www.felixfraser.de. To purchase the album please see https://felixfraser.bandcamp.com. Please support Felix Fraser at https://www.facebook.com/FelixFraserMusic

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