Evil Empire Orchestra

Performed in Sofar Rotterdam

Eight piece band. Psychedelic. Dirty soul. Belgium’s Evil Empire Orchestra presents a wild crossover of psychedelic, soul-jazz and garage funk. Ingredients? The rough, untamed soul vocals and mystical fire of frontwoman Kimberly Dhondt and the pulsating power and the godless grooves of her seven-piece band. Dhondt’s voice is a mix of Beth Gibbons and Janis Joplin. Pure, uncompromising energy. The tight rhythm section and the sensual bass move your heart as well as your legs, and the compact three-piece brass section adds its own unique tone. This eight-piece orchestra has earned its place in the music world, a unique place where dirty soul meets psychedelic. Trefpunt (BE) have the band on their list of favourite live acts.

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