Elwood Myre

Performed in Sofar Sydney

Elwood Myre is a young Australian troubadour with a head full of ideas and a closet full of ghosts. In late 2011, after receiving an old guitar from an estranged relative and experiencing a prolific series of recurring dreams, Elwood dropped everything and submerged into his own eclectic realm of songwriting. This Galvanizing change eventually led to him meeting mandolin player Hunter Beasley, a spirited young lad with a fervid appetite for song, beer and music. With no intent to waste time the pair quickly started cutting their teeth around the East Coast of Australia, embalming crowds with their folk-laden Americana flavour. This is where the pair discovered and honed their lifeblood; Songs. In October 2014, endowed with a sound that’s smooth and warm like bubble gum, the pair stumbled into Vienna People Recordings where they tracked their debut album live in 4 days. Now, with an exciting release under his belt and an ever-growing resume, Elwood Myre is proving every day to be an exciting addition to Australian music.

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