Performed in Sofar NYC

Elbows is a songwriter, vocalist, and producer, based in Brooklyn, NY. His first single, “Flowers” was released in April on Indie Shuffle, who said, "Part neo-soul, part experimental modern jazz, "Flowers" is nothing less than intriguing.” Sounds like a compliment! Over at Quiet Lunch they said, “‘Flowers’ is a delightful tune that rhythmically meanders its way to your ears, blossoming with warm vocals and a jazzy melody." Born in San Francisco, Elbows grew up with the sounds of both vintage and neo soul. After a chance encounter with Souls of Mischief's 93 'til Infinity in '96, he delved into both the recordings of hip hop's Golden Age, and the classic jazz albums they sampled. Currently Elbows is completing his debut LP, Home, a synthesis of jazz harmonies and instrumentation, with boom bap rhythms and arrangements. Set for release this fall, Home tells the tale of Elbows' foggy upbringing in the Bay Area, and will be accompanied by a short film and storybook.

No videos are available yet for Elbows