Edy Blu

Performed in Sofar Washington D.C.

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An enchanting singer and poetic song-writer, Edy Blu easily and literally dances between genres of reggae, jazz, rock and even folk. Edy is a Virginia native, born and raised on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley. A country girl with an urban edge, Edy now resides in Washington, DC. Her soulful, rootsy vibe and energizing live performances have been garnering her fans from DC to NYC to Cali. In May 2016, she released her debut EP, Heart Opener, a catchy, danceable collection that serves as a meditation on what comes from living with an open heart. She wrote the material on her guitar after moving to D.C., but it was the process of getting the songs produced that confirmed the EP’s central idea that life works best when you keep your heart open. While traveling in Barcelona during the summer of 2015, Edy met producer and multi-instrumentalist Raul Del Moral; they immediately 'clicked,' and within weeks the entire EP was recorded at his studio. Furthermore, when Sarao Music, a Universal Music subsidiary in Barcelona, heard the project, Edy and Raul were immediately commissioned to record a concept album of pop-soul music for commercial licensing. Radio Friendly was released through Universal Music UK in November 2016.

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