Dylan Gilbert

Performed in Sofar Charlotte

Dylan Gilbert is a musician living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dylan's artistic impulse was nurtured in childhood by musician parents. He was a prolific songwriter in youth, releasing, 6 solo albums, three full-length LPs (with punk band Something Jed) and scoring several independent films before age 24. While recording and touring extensively, Dylan pursued an education in music theory, classical guitar, and musical therapy. Well acclimated to the stage, he has performed over 800 times across the US with appearances at the Hopscotch Music Festival and CMJ Music Marathon. Dylan's touring band morphed into the ecstatically possessed post-punk trio Hectorina in 2012. Dylan is currently lending his talents as a guest editor for the submission-based sound podcast Mystery Meat as well as composing for independent film company Basic Cable.

Videos by Dylan Gilbert