Drifting Around

Performed in Sofar Athens

"Drifting Around" was formed in 1994. "Drifting Around" is a living example of combining musicians of different directions, coming together under the same name. The band members can be found playing with groups such as "Socrates", "M.G.C.", "Blues Family" and many other sessions known in the Athenian public during the 60' until the 90'. An idea very soon became a success for the simple reason that the audience can appreciate the authentic stile and lots of soul that makes them the right band for the job. Their show can be a mix of Blues, Country, Soul numbers, according to their mood and the mood of the audience. Dimitris Politimos piano Andreas Gomozias guitar, vocal Eric Kakaras electric bass, vocal Chris Koutsogiannis drums

Videos by Drifting Around