Dave Winters

Performed in Sofar Liverpool

Dave Winters is an independent, self-taught musician hailing from Liverpool, UK. His music is inspired by that of folk legend’s Davy Graham and John Martyn. Diverse and wide-ranging, Dave references flavours across the musical spectrum - blues, jazz, and even electronic influences are incorporated into his bittersweet medleys. He states “I was once told I sounded like a cross between Ryan Adams and Barry White, which was interesting.” Dave’s songs flaunt an air of melancholy, and in true folk spirit he recites relatable tales of personal struggle. Armed with only an acoustic guitar, an iPad full of ardent lyrics, and a voice exuding with soul, his music is downright charming and honest. Much of the narrative of his song writing is drawn from his own journey, and his compositions are an often deep self-reflection of his earnest life experiences and relationships with the people around him. While majority of his compositions are solo efforts, Dave welcomes collaboration with other musicians. He has worked with a variety of producers, vocalists and musicians across a range of genres. Today, he is he currently busy in the studio, recording, hoping to release an EP in the coming months.

Videos by Dave Winters