Color The Band

Performed in Sofar Los Angeles and San Diego

Bel. Emma. Izzy. They all grew up in contrasting cultures, surrounded by the rhythms and passions of different generations, different love languages, different comfort food. The way they knew music was different too—it was something to be mesmerized and fascinated over; it was something to be run away with; it was something to hold. Each one of the three bandmates is as unique as they are united. But still, the one thing that brings the girls together more than anything else, they unanimously agree, is their love of three-part harmony. (Their love of Chick-fil-A would be a close second). They’ve lived the last year in Los Angeles in each other’s pockets—sharing groceries, swapping stories, fighting for each other through heartbreaks and crying from laughter over puzzles and milk tea. Doing music together was simply a byproduct of doing life together, and Color the Band was born early in February of 2018 over a (very) late night puzzling session. It was natural. The girls had met at college in Boston and moved to LA together to pursue their dreams. They hadn’t known at the time that their separate dreams would merge together to become this one pursuit. Now they couldn’t imagine it being any other way. With degrees in music production, songwriting and performance, the trio’s diverse strengths have created a self-sustaining climate in which they thrive, creating music from start to finish. This self-contained environment has allowed them to dive deep into their own vulnerabilities and dig up songs dripping in hope, rooted in truth. Their past year was spent discovering their new identity as a band, playing wildly successful shows, and learning how to express their heart-songs for a restless generation. ​ They’re starting to see it. And this year holds more promise than ever. Wanna come with us? -Color the Band

Videos by Color The Band