Chris Paterno

Performed in Sofar Long Island

Chris Paterno is apart of a seven-piece band. The Philadelphia-based seven-piece was formed in May, 2015 by Chris Paterno (lead vocals, acoustic guitar). Two months later, 9-time Grammy-winning producer, Joe Nicolo saw them play at Chaplin’s (Spring City, Pa). He immediately signed them to his label, BlacBird Productions, where they began recording their debut EP. Joe had this to say about the band, "I love the way Chris mixes the 70's horn sound (blood, sweat & tears) with rootsy folk. People will have a love/hate relationship with his voice, and I mean that as a true compliment. You want to sound unique. Saying that you don't sound like anyone else is probably the biggest compliment I can give an artist." Their EP notched over 20 write-ups and features on sites such as Mainline Times, Audio Fuzz, Punchland, That Music Mag and more. Impose Magazine wrote, "With their debut EP, The Chris Paterno Band don’t so much reinvent a genre as they do fashion their own unique one from the best parts of the last few decades of folk, rock, and pop, updating Philly soul for a whole new era." The CPB brings an energetic rebirth of Philly Soul to the stage, promising a night well spent for listeners and dancers alike. 2017 has proven so as Paterno was recognized by both the SongDoor International Songwriting Contest (top 12 portfolio) and the USA Songwriting Competition (1st Runner Up, SXSW Showcase) and the CPB sold out Philly-, NYC- and Boston-based shows to end the year. With over 35 shows in 10 states last year, the CPB is ready to take on 2018, making more music, playing more shows and creating more content.

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