Camille Safiya

Performed in Sofar Los Angeles, San Francisco and NYC

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Camille Safiya is an artist in the purest form, a modern day renaissance woman for the people. She is an established painter with a degree in Fine Arts and exhibitions at Harvard and Columbia University. In a parallel Universe, Safiya is also a singer/songwriter claiming her space amongst legends early on in her career. From premiering on NPR Music next to her idol, Chaka Khan to appearing on Tidal’s "Weekly Brew” with her acoustic single “Indigo” humbly nestled between Beyonce’s “LEMONADE" and Prince’s “Purple Rain” Camille Safiya’s voice is global. With her 2015 deep house debut on BBC Radio she swiftly switched lanes and topped charts in Europe with her hit single “Fearing Love” with DJ/Producers Serge Devant and Damiano. As her chilling vocals echoed throughout Ibiza and the renowned Burning Man Festival she organically diversified her fan base worldwide. As a young revolutionary spirit Camille grew up traveling the world with her mother’s feminist movement, standing up for women’s issues around the world. Her music and Art are cultural melting pots of all she’s seen throughouther travels. Inspired by greats such as Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu, Camille Safiya has created a unique and empowering sound. Gracing the stages from SXSW to NXNE, Safiya’s vocals have been described as “an ancient horn to be discovered on the ocean floor”.

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