Bilal Indrajaya

Performed in Sofar Jakarta

Bilal Indrajaya has started his musical journey since 2008. Strongly influenced by The Beatles, his all-time favorite band, Bilal started playing guitar since the age of 9. He also plays bass and piano. As a 1995-born, Bilal is a huge fan of 60s music. He still listens to new released music as well. He chooses what to play and what to listen wisely. Other than The Beatles, Bilal is also influenced by other great artists as well such as Noel Gallagher, Morrissey, Tony Koeswoyo, Ade Paloh, and Dewa 19. Before starting his solo debut, Bilal is a guitarist & songwriter of RHYM. This solo debut is a new challenge for him. He hopes people will enjoy his music.

Videos by Bilal Indrajaya