Before The Brave

Performed in Sofar San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Austin and Los Angeles

Before the Brave emerged from the San Francisco music scene in 2012 with unexpected acclaim behind their first release "Great Spirit." Over the next few years the collective left behind their folk roots for a more ambitious sound that draws on the likes of classics Fleetwood Mac as well as contemporaries like Alabama Shakes and The Head and the Heart. Their first full-length release, "Better Country" was released on October 21, 2016. On "Better Country", a labor of love 5 years in the making, the band covers as much ground musically as they do thematically. A refined and noteworthy sound emerges from the albums bassist Miguel Castuera, guitarist Ryan Devisser, and drummer Kyle Teese, who erect a confident sonic backbone that wasn't present on the band's first release. The LP finds the San Francisco natives careening from intimate folk ballads to alt-country sing-alongs, and from grooving funk jams to anthemic rock hits in a way that feels fresh, forward-thinking, and fitting for a time such as this.

Videos by Before The Brave